A Renewal Start of SCMC and JAMS's Cooperation

     On October 24th, "2018 SCMC-JAMS Mediation Training" was held in Shanghai. After the training, JAMS's awarding ceremony for the SCMC’s mediators that have been appointed by JAMS was held. Zhang Wei, Director of SCMC, Chris Poole, JAMS President and CEO, Kevin McDonnell, JAMS Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Ranse Howell, International Affairs Director, Andrew Lee, Chief Representative of China office, Bob Davidson, Arbitration Executive Director, Jeff Benz, neutral, Barbara Reeves, neutral, and many other Chinese and American guests attended the ceremony and witnessed a new chapter of the  cooperation between SCMC and JAMS.

     At the ceremony, both Zhang Wei, Director of SCMC and Chris Poole, JAMS President and CEO delivered speeches and expressed warm congratulations on the establishment of new partnership. Chris Poole issued the appointment certificates to SCMC's first batch of mediators who were selected for JAMS. The SCMC mediators attending the ceremony are 7 top domestic international commercial dispute resolution experts, including Winnie Tam SC, a Senior Counsel and former chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association, and David Yu, President of the Shanghai Bar Association. They are dedicated to providing fair, efficient, economical and flexible services in commercial disputes in the field of architecture,insurance, intellectual property, banking, energy and technology in the Asia Pacific region.

     The close strategic partnership between SCMC and JAMS began in 2016. Since SCMC became the seventh international member of JAMS, JAMS has dispatched top mediators every year to conduct mediation training for SCMC mediators based on mutual cooperation programme.  On the basis of in-depth cooperation, in February 2018, SCMC recommended a group of highly internationalized and professional mediators to JAMS international mediators team. After material review and interviews, JAMS formed a specialized investigation team to conduct a comprehensive investigation and  interests conflict review of the mediators recommended by SCMC one by one from the aspects of professional ability, ADR experience, and English proficiency. Eventually, there were 7 SCMC mediators  successfully selected as mediators for JAMS. They are currently the first batch of JAMS mediators in Asia Pacific region. The first 7 mediators' "international output" marks a new level of cooperation between SCMC and JAMS. In the future, SCMC will further introduce more JAMS professional mediation talents who are skilled in Chinese and familiar with Sino-US commercial disputes. This action will provide a broader and more solid platform and talents reserve for the future trade disputes resolution between China and the United States.  

     It is believed that the cooperation between SCMC and JAMS, which are the two major professional mediation agencies in China and the United States, will help promote the diversified and international development of China's mediation, attract more sophisticated mediators, and demonstrate the charm of Shanghai mediation service brand as well as voice and international influence of Chinese professional mediation on the world stage.

 Zhang Wei, Director of SCMC , delivered speech

 Chris Poole, JAMS President anCEO,delivered speech

JAMS CEO Chris Poole issues an offer letter to SCMC mediator Yu Weifeng

Here is the list of 
the SCMC selected for the US JAMS mediator.

(in alphabetical order)