Overview of the SCMC

The Shanghai Commercial Mediation Center("SCMC")is a third-party commercial mediation institution established on January 8, 2011 with the approval of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and the Shanghai Administration Bureau of Non-Governmental Organizations. The SCMC is the first institution in China specializing in commercial dispute mediation.

The SCMC has a team of mediation professionals who have not only an in-depth knowledge of domestic and foreign commercial legal practices but also a deep understanding of Chinese culture. These professionals possess high standards for work and morality, profound professional backgrounds and rich practical experience. They respect the parties' will, conduct the mediation on the principles of fairness, justice, confidentiality, and reasonableness in accordance with laws and international practices, and encourage the parties to understand and compromise so as to reach a final settlement via mediation or reconciliation. This approach is intended to safeguard and develop the sustainable relationship between the parties and their long-term common interests.

The SCMC may submit its mediation decisions to the Shanghai Arbitration Commission at the request or agreement of the parties to obtain an arbitration award according to a specifically designed summary procedure in order to make the mediation decision legally binding.

The Service Aims of the SCMC: Inheriting the idea of "friendly settlement" from Chinese tradition, the SCMC provides Chinese enterprises as well as foreign enterprises and organizations in China with independent, justicial, professional, efficient, economical, and flexible services to settle commercial disputes, maintaining and promoting harmony and the commercial relationship.

The Service Scope of the SCMC: The SCMC assists Chinese and foreign companies in dispute resolution in such areas as trade, investment, finance, securities, intellectual property rights, technology transfer, real estate, project contracting, transportation, insurance, and disputes in commercial, maritime, or other areas. The SCMC also provides concerned consultations and specialized training services in the areas mentioned above.