The First Shanghai Commercial Mediation Week Successfully Held in Shanghai

      To comply with the development of international economic and trade relations, effectively solve business disputes, promote commercial mediation and, push forward harmonious and stable commercial relations, the First Shanghai Commercial Mediation Week successfully held in Shanghai from September 17 to 19, 2018. This weekly event, under the support and guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, host by the Shanghai Economic Mediation Center (SCMC) and co-host by the Shanghai Banking Dispute Mediation Center, Shanghai Leasing Trade Association, Shanghai Asset Management Association, Shanghai Futures Association, Shanghai Insurance Association and Shanghai Securities Association. More than 300 leaders and mediators, arbitrators, lawyers, corporate lawyers, law professors and students from the Supreme People's Court, the Shanghai Higher People's Court, the Shanghai Lawyers Association, the Shanghai Commerce Commission, the mediation center participated in this event.


Group Photo of Opening Ceremony Guests

Zhang Wei, director of SCMC, opened this event as host. Wang shirong, deputy director of the SPC Judicial Reform Office, also made a speech first. Wang said that the commercial mediation system has become the main dispute resolution method widely used in the world; with the implementation and promotion of the One Belt and One Road initiative, building a sound commercial dispute mediation mechanism is an important measure in judicial reform. Chao Weilin, director of the Management Committee of SCMC, and Sun Jiarong, director of the Department of Fair Trade (Department of Legal Affairs) of the Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission, also delivered impassioned speeches. At the opening ceremony, Li Haige, deputy director and secretary general of SCMC, on behalf of SCMC, released the Development Report of Shanghai Commercial Mediation Center. From the perspective of the growth process, the Report shows the development status, characteristics and achievements of SCMC as the China's most representative commercial mediation organizations since its first establishment, so that enterprises can further understand the relevant background and development trend of professional commercial mediation.

Li Haige, Director and Secretary General of SCMC,

Released the development Report of SCMC

This Mediation Week is aimed at communication, promotion and win-win results. Around the hot topics in the field of commercial mediation, this Mediation Week has innovated and designed a series of mediation publicity and promotion activities with rich contents and various forms, such as debate competition, seminars, special training and moot mediation courts. Centering on the theme of Mediation is the First Choice as an Effective Dispute Resolution, the debate competition conducted a wonderful show both in theory and practice of Mediation is the Most Time-Saving and Efficient Dispute Resolution Method and Mediation is the Most Feasible Legal Relief Method for the ‘One Belt and One Road’ initiative, thus enabling participating enterprises to realize that Mediation is the Most Effective Way to Solve Commercial Disputes. Taking the establishment of the International Commercial Court of the Supreme People's Court as an opportunity, the representatives of Courts, lawyers and enterprises warmly discussed how international commercial mediation can effectively play its role and the problems it faces under the ‘One Belt and One Road’ initiative on International Commercial Mediation Boosts the Implementation and Development of the ‘One Belt and One Road’ initiative. The leader of the Supreme People's Court has given special training to mediators on the theme of Characteristics of International Commercial Disputes and Judging Thinking and Characteristics of Regional Foreign Commercial Mediation and Current Situation of China's Commercial Mediation Development to help mediators further broaden their mediation ideas and improve their mediation skills. At the same time, in order to better combine mediation theory with mediation practice, this Mediation Week has carefully arranged a moot mediation court based on practical cases. Through the on-site demonstration of moot mediation court, the observed participating enterprises have a more intuitive understanding of commercial mediation and fully feel the charm of commercial mediation.

Young Lawyers Debate Team from the Shanghai Bar Association and 

Debate Team from the East China University of Political Science and Law,

Holding A debate 


Representatives of Courts,Lawyers and Enterprises

Conducting a Seminar

Mr.Song JianLi,

Director of International Business Expert Committee of the Supreme People's Court

Conducting a Special Training

Mr.Wang Shirong,

Deputy Director of Judicial Reform Office of the Supreme People's Court,

Conducting a Special Training

Lawyer Bao Peilun, SCMC's mediator.

Holding the Mock Mediation Court of A Sale Contract Dispute

Lawyer Ji Shijun,SCMC's Mediator,

Holding the Mock Mediation Court of A Trademark Infingement Dispute

Expert Review of Mock Mediation Court

     Through this series of thematic activities, we believe that the concept of mediation as “Mediation is the Most Effective Way to Solve Commercial Disputes”“Mediation is the Most Time-Saving and Efficient Dispute Resolution Method and Mediation is the Most Feasible Legal Relief Method for the ‘One Belt and One Road’ initiative will surely be more deeply rooted in peoples minds. SCMC will continue to make full use of its function as a trade functional organization, adhering to vigorously promoting the concept and the advantages of Commercial Mediation, in order to create a convenient and international business environment in Shanghai, promote the construction process of the Shanghai International Trade Center, further enhance China’s alternative dispute resolution mechanism, optimize and upgrade international commercial dispute resolution, and highlight the greater contribution of Chinese forces in international dispute resolution.